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  • 1. Smart Door Locker Using RFID
  • In this project we can able to lock and unlock our doors and shutters using RFID Smart Cards and keychains.

  • 2. Garden Water Level and Humidity Indicator

  • 3. IoT Weather Station ( Web Site )
  • In this project we are going to track the temprature and Humidity of Specific area Directly to our Website.
    By processing on these data we can be able to trigger the things

  • 4. Automatic Lecture Bell
  • In this project we are implementing smart Lecture bell which will rung after every lecture finishes automatically.

  • 5. GSM Based Home Automation

  • 6. Gesture Based Robots
  • In this project we going to build the Gesture based robots which works on Human gestures for Blind Peoples.

  • 7. Android Controlled Robots

  • 8. Smart Breaking System for Cars
  • In this project we are implementing smart Breaks for Cars which reduces the accidents.

  • 9. IoT Based Smart Home

  • 10. Figure print based attendee system
  • In this we are going to take attandace based on our fingure prints to avoid Proxy....

  • 11. GPS Based vehicle Tracking System

  • 12. IoT Based Water Level Indicator and Controller

  • 13. Smart Micro Stethoscope
  • In this project we are going to make the smart Stethoscope which will measure the Temprature and Heart rate of Patient and gives output on LED Display.

  • 14. Smart Travel Bag
  • In this project we are going to make smart travel bag which gives its location coordinates after stolen and we can be able to track the theft.

  • 15. Guest welcome messenger

  • 16. Smart CCTV Security surveillance
  • In this project we will capture the scene if any interrupt occurs at certain area. Especially at night to protect our home from Thefts

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